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Evoluxio - Social Media Marketing Agency for law firms
Evoluxio - Social Media Marketing - Client Acquisition for Law Firms

Is your website a lead generation machine?

Your website should be more than just a place where your prospects gather information about your team, your services, and your track record.

It should be the focal point of your online marketing strategy and as such it should be equipped with the best tools available to attract, track, monitor, and most importantly, convert your visitors into paying clients.

This is not just about having a beautiful website that you'll be proud of. Rather, It's about having a powerful digital salesperson working 24/7 to make your visitors pick up the phone and call your office.

How we make your website stand out

and make you the go-to lawyer in your market

We know how crucial a website is in the deployment of a law firm's online marketing strategy. Your website is the focal point of every single one of your law office’s online activities and it becomes the starting point of everything we do to make your law office grow faster, stronger, better.


A Blank Canvas

Your Needs & Preferences

Your website. Your law firm’s window to the world wide web. It becomes an extension of your law office and as such is what your visitors interact with when they find your law firm online.

We make a list of all the things you want about your website: the color palette, the look and feel, the different functionality features and more. We also ask you what sites you like the most and why it is so. Once we have gathered all the required information, we begin to sketch.


A Preliminary Sketch

Design & Development

As soon as we get your final instructions, we will begin to develop your website. Designed to order and custom built to fulfill your expectations, your site will be like no other website online.

In a timely manner, you will receive a blueprint of your website, reflecting everything we agreed upon, for revision. We will duly take note of any changes you want made and return to the drawing board to edit and improve your website to your complete satisfaction.


your masterpiece

Beautiful & Unique

Your website will be one a kind, reflecting your brand’s personality and your law firm’s ethos. Fully functional and beatifully designed, it will spur your visitors to take action.

Built with SEO in mind from the very beginning, your website will look beautiful across different web-browsers and multiple devices. It will load fast, seamlessly integrate with social media and provide your visitors with an unparalleled user experience, allowing them to easily navigate it and find what they want.

Because First Impressions Really Matter!

Ever met someone you didn’t feel comfortable with right from the start? Blame it on their disheveled, untidy appearance, their lack of empathy or even their over-the-top arrogance. Whatever the case, it didn’t take you long to know you didn’t click with them. The same happens with people and websites. You know you like one the moment you land on it. We build websites that people instantly feel attracted to.

Evoluxio - Wed Design Agency for law firms - Website Design

Do you really need a responsive website?

Evoluxio - Social Media Marketing - Client Acquisition for Law Firms

For a number of reasons, you definitely do. Chances are you are reading this from your smartphone or your tablet, and you are not alone. Ever since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back in 2007, the use of smartphones to surf the web has skyrocketed, to the point that today over a third of Americans use their mobile phone daily to hang out in social media, chat and search for information online. According to Google Research, mobile is the dominant platform for online searches with 48% share, 96% of which are driven by Google.

Smartphones allow consumers to carry the internet with them wherever they go. And this comes in handy whenever there is an urgent need for information, whether it is about the weather, the latest news or the best local dental practice nearby. People rely on their mobile devices to provide them the answer. They even use their smartphones first to do research about products or services they intend to purchase offline, with 88% of consumers who search for local businesses on their smartphones calling or going to that business within the next 24 hours, as per Nectafy.

A website that’s been designed only for desktop will not suffice for mobile users, because the site’s content will be difficult to read and the navigation will be cumbersome, resulting in an awful user-experience. What’s really telling, according to Formstack, is that 57% of mobile users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. This means responsive sites do get the upper hand.

A responsive website renders well on any device, regardless of the screen size: desktops, tablets or smartphones. It guarantees a seamless navigation and speaks wonders about your business to your visitors and to Google, the latter of which will happily feature your site in the search results

What platforms should your website be built on?

While there are a handful of alternatives available to build your website, we suggest you use WordPress, because it is versatile, fast, user-friendly and safe. among other reasons. WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) among website developers, powering more than 25% of all websites online. It is robust, perfect for SEO and great for building responsive websites. What started primarily as a blogging platform soon morphed into a complete CMS where it was possible to build all sorts of websites, from membership sites, to forum sites, to e-commerce sites.

WordPress offers a virtually unlimited number of template designs and functional plugins with which you can build a website in just a few days. It’s just a matter of choosing a template and uploading the plugins that you think will work best to accomplish your goals. The downside of that approach is your site ends up looking like someone else’s and if you don’t know what are the best plugins to use, your site might get bloated and load slow, causing it to drop in search engine rankings and to affect the user experience.

We solve that by designing your website from the ground up utilizing a powerful WordPress site builder and using only those plugins that are strictly required. The end result is a unique website that becomes an extension of your business in the online world, reflecting your character, your passion for what you do and your professionalism.

What about on-going site maintenance?

In order to effectively implement your digital marketing strategy, we install proprietary plugins that allow us to fully optimize your website for SEO, keep it secure from malware and do periodic site back-ups. We do this from a central location that also lets us manage your website content. We are also responsible for hosting your site and keeping it up to date with WordPress’ latest iteration. We become your webmasters and take care of every detail on this end, while you dedicate your time to running your practice, which is what you do best.


The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

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Are you utilizing your website to its fullest potential?

You're wasting your money if you're using your website as a presentation brochure. Sure, it should be beautiful, otherwise it would scare your visitors away, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to websites.

For starters, it must look as good on mobile and tablets as it does on desktops and laptops. It must be built with SEO in mind to boost your chances of featuring at the top of the search results, helping you to increase your organic traffic.

Most importantly, and we can't stress this enough, it must be designed to convert your visitors into clients. To achieve that, we begin building your website with your strategy in mind. And we make the most of it.

Evoluxio - SEO, PPC For Law Firms - Achieving Top Rankings on Google

our battle tested solutions

Bespoke Marketing Solutions To Supercharge Your Law Firm

Here with evoluxio you'll find the right digital marketing toolkit to grow your law firm. Whether you choose a stand-alone marketing solution or decide to go all in with a comprehensive online marketing strategy, our objective is the same: to grow your law firm and boost your ROI by attracting a steady stream of new clients to your law firm.

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SEO - Organic Search

First-page rankings on Google and other search engines are only possible when your SEO strategy is second to none. You can leave it to us to rank your website through a careful, dedicated execution of SEO best practices.

Paid Search - Evoluxio - PPC Agency

PPC - Paid Search

Online Advertising can drain your budget and hurt your law firm if you don’t know how to navigate those tricky waters. We solve this problem for you by steering your ship in the right direction, purposefully and profitably.

Social Media Marketing - Evoluxio - Boutique Digital Agency

Web Design

A beautiful, striking website to impress your visitors and search engines alike is what you really need. If your site needs some updating or a complete remodeling, we'll deliver a website that's perfect for your law firm.

our surefire process

Discover how we make a difference for your law firm

A simple, yet powerfully effective, 4-step process carefully implemented is the key to putting your law firm on the path to sustained growth.

Evoluxio Process - Law Firm Development Program
Early Assessment

You show us where you're currently standing at and where you want to go.

Detailed Planning

We outline every single step that needs to be taken to drive you home as soon as possible.

Planned Execution

We execute your law firm's development program to a tee and make adjustments as needed.

Ongoing Management

You see tangible results and get monthly reporting while we keep hard at work in the background.

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Leverage our proven, market-tested solutions to achieve the results you want

Your law firm's growth hinges on whether you have a solid client acquisition strategy in place or not. The internet presents you with unlimited possibilities for growth, yet it is also a highly complex environment that is difficult to dominate.

The concept is fairly simple: putting your website in front of your prospects at the right time; that is, exactly when they're out and about on the web looking for your services. However, it's easier said than done, and you've probably seen it firsthand.

Problem is, there are too many moving parts to juggle with and not enough time on your hands. There is a steep learning curve, your competition is not giving you a break, and you don't want to be left behind.

You're here because you want to turn things around and you want to start seeing tangible results in your law firm. You want to have a killer client acquisition strategy that brings in a steady, predictable flow of new clients. And you want someone else to take care of that for you while you do what you love most: practice law and win cases for your clients.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee!

Say good-bye to long-term agency contracts that don't offer any guarantees. As your strategic online marketing partner we want you to have complete peace of mind. We are  aware that we also have skin in the game and we are fully committed to achieving your goals.

At evoluxio we stand behind every word we say and are so confident in our results that if within the first 90 days you aren't 100% satisfied with our services and results, the next month is on us!

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