Our REFUND policy

Evoluxio Marketing LLC (“Evoluxio Marketing,” "Evoluxio", “us,” or “we”) strives to deliver the best possible results to our clients, following industry best practices and applying our team's expertise to the execution of our duties and responsibilities as service providers to our clients.

Notwithstanding Evoluxio's commitment to delivering the results that our clients expect from our initial promotional messages, there may be instances in which said results may fall short of our clients' expectations and as a result, they may decide to evaluate their relationship with Evoluxio.

In such instances, our clients have the right to unilaterally cancel the contract and request a refund from Evoluxio, provided they have fulfilled their obligations as clients, as set forth in the services agreement signed upon retaining Evoluxio's lead generation and marketing services.

Evoluxio's refund policy is only valid when the client has chosen to pay the monthly plan on the six-month contract, and will apply only to the month prior to the refund request initiated by the client. Considering that the first 30 days of the contract are key to optimizing the campaign's parameters, which will have a crucial impact on future results, the refund policy doesn't cover those first 30 days.