How A Dental Practice Added $95,403 To Their Monthly Revenue


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Websites and Landing Pages

Are you running an ad campaign in Facebook Ads or Google Ads, but are not seeing the results you expected?

Sometimes the culprit is right under your nose, where you never thought you’d look: your website. Your landing page, or lack thereof, to be more precise.

Your website must do lots of things, one of which is to convert the most visitors possible into leads.

Your website and your landing page - Evoluxio

That’s why it is key to not only have a beautiful website but also to include elements that induce your visitors to take action and call your office to schedule an appointment with you.

We’ve seen countless examples of all sorts of companies running ads, either on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, that send people over to their website’s home page.

The problem with this approach is that the home pages we’ve analyzed are not built to convert visitors into leads. Rather, they have been built to serve a different purpose: to inform their visitors about the practice, the dentists, the staff and the services they provide.

To make matters worse, most home pages are not 100% congruent with the ads visitors just clicked on.

Dental Hygienists And Oral Surgeons

The perfect Google Ads setup - Evoluxio

Imagine this. You want to go camping next weekend and you decide to look for a tent. You google it up and click on one of the ads at the top of the page, or even clicked on one of the top search results, which are promoting just the very same tent you want. 

But instead of landing on a page featuring your tent, you land on the shop's home page, where there are all sorts of featured products and now you have to look again for that tent. You’re a bit disappointed, or maybe a lot, and decide to go look elsewhere.

That’s exactly what´s happening with 83,7% of businesses we've analyzed that are running Google Ads. They're basically shooting themselves in the foot by utilizing a marketing funnel that's not optimized for conversions.

Let's say you're a dentist and you’re running ads on Facebook for Invisalign, one of your most profitable treatment areas, and you're sending your ad-clickers off to your home page, where your Invisalign offer is hiding behind a menu, or buried among the different services you offer. This approach is severily hurting your conversion rate, thus affecting your overall campaign's performance.

To solve this, you can optimize your home page so that your Invisalign offer features prominently, making it the first thing your visitors notice when they land on your website. 

Or you can build a landing page specifically designed for your Invisalign offer, where your visitors can only do one thing: they either take your offer and schedule an appointment, or they close the page. 

It’s best when you choose the latter, because a landing page allows you to monitor your ad campaign performance closely, since only those people who’ve clicked on your ad are reaching your landing page.

When you have your home page serving as a landing page for your ad campaign, you’ll have people coming to your site for reasons other than your ad, clicking on your offer, thus altering your metrics and giving you misleading performance stats.

A landing page, in contrast, gives you all the insight you need into how your ad campaign is doing.

You may ask: aren’t websites supposed to do the selling for you on the web? To some extent, they are. But you wouldn’t send a dental hygienist to fill in for an oral surgeon, would you?

The Problem:

Your website is probably your most valuable online asset. In fact, it should be the center point of your online marketing strategy, but if it hasn't been designed to convert your visitors into leads, then you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

While there's a lot to say about your website and the role it plays in helping you stand out from your competition, there's no denying that sending your ad campaigns' traffic to your home page, or to an inner page that hasn't been optimized for conversions will significantly affect your campaigns' results.

The Solution:

A landing page, designed to convert your visitors into leads, makes all the difference, turning a mediocre campaign into a successful one.

Each campaign must have its very own landing page. Since it is an integral part of your ad campaign, your landing page is the place where you will be selling your visitors on your offer.

Are You Inadvertently Undermining Your Ad Campaigns?

Shooting yourself in the foot - Evoluxio

One of our clients, a dentist with a large dental practice offering a wide range of dental services in a very exclusive location over in the West Coast, had been running Google ads for the last couple of years with different agencies before he came to us.

When we got in touch with him, he was working with different agencies for different services and he was looking for more Invisalign patients, but his campaign at the time wasn’t living up to expectations. We were up against a challenging task and decided it was right what we needed to prove our worth.

Though we suggested to create a landing page for his Invisalign campaign, he thought his website would do just fine. It had been designed by a specialist web agency and he didn’t want to change it.

He was proud of his website and it had been expensive enough to make any changes to it.

Not long after we were running his Invisalign ad campaign, we saw an increase in overall results, but heading into the third month, the campaign started to plateau. The ad’s click-through-rate was doing well, but the conversion rate was stagnant.

We believed the lack of a landing page was hurting the campaign’s performance and proposed to put one up for the following month, so that we could test it against the results seen with the website. Our client was adamant at first but decided to give it a try.

Giving Your Ad Campaign A Significant Boost

Making a difference: your landing page - Evoluxio

And so we created a landing page specifically designed for the Invisalign campaign. It has a beautiful video background, a clear offer congruent with the ad, clear and simple to read benefits, and Call-To-Actions sprinkled throughout, among the many different elements that we incorporate into our smart landing pages.

What started out as a test, soon acquired permanent status. Results speak for themselves.

When we took over the Invisalign campaign, the conversion rate was barely 2,43%. In the first three months, we saw it improve to 5.85% but it stalled there.

Since we are used to conversion rates close to 10.0% we knew we could do better. And we did. That first month with our smart landing page, the conversion rate reached 8.48%. A significant improvement.

Most importantly, the cost per lead was high at $82.37. Once the smart landing page was up and running, it averaged $51.99. A 36.99% decrease.

As a result of this, our client added $95,403 that month to his dental clinic's revenue. Not surprisingly, he decided to double his ad budget.

Better Conversion Rate

With our Smart Landing Page, the Conversion Rate shot through the roof, reaching 8.48% the month it was introduced.

Lower Cost Per Lead

The price paid to get a lead was high at $82.37. Right after the landing page was put up, it decreased to $51,99

Increased Revenue

Our client wanted more Invisalign patients and he certainly got them. His practice's revenue grew by $95,403/mo.

This is far from over. We continually monitor campaign performance and make small improvements over time, A/B testing the ads, the copy, the landing page, intent on delivering the best possible ROI to our clients.

We get it. You are proud of the online assets that you’ve built over time to promote your business, most notably your website.

But websites that have been designed with aesthetics in mind are usually great for brochures, though terrible for getting new high-value patients.

Sticking your guns to your website when it isn’t sending new business your way, can prove rather costly.

Sadly, this is a decision most business owners make, for fear of incurring in extra expenses, or simply because they are proud of their website and don’t have enough data to make an informed decision that would mean more business for them.

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